yeah, babe.
everyone is blogging today. sorry you guys, i don't have the time to read them all. for now, i'm going to sketch out a little of what i'm thinking:

- for one thing, it has been sunny now for two days. except when andrew hippie and i went out to look at the stars last night and the sky was covered by certain stratus clouds (you know who you are).

- and then there's this concept of essences being mutually exclusive, of people being independent, unique and distinguishable, which shakespeare blows out of the water... except apparently people don't take shakespeare so seriously anymore. so social fungibility advances, while unique and valuable personhood is forced into the uncomfortable margins of religious sensibility. gross.

- the good news is, i didn't watch the news. too much negativity, i think. my [gmo] bread and [rbst enhanced] butter optimism doesn't require that i comprehend or even read the labels (and i mean that literally too).

- even better, someone somewhere (aztecs? gwc?) invented peanut butter. the knowledge of peanut butter (is the wonder) has been spread far and wide with the butterknife of collective information technologies. notwithstanding an imminent apocalypse, the world will never be the same.

as ever,



  1. Excellent. I like peanut butter.

  2. @milo: no way! me too...