alot of missingspaces

while considering life, the universe and everything today, i started to wonder if we don't solve our problems because of the emotional and psychological pain that we associate with them. its true that oftentimes life issues are much more comfortable when ignored and denied.

nothing box theory holds that man is capable of being completely absent of thought. many of my friends hold to this comedic worldview, but this doesn't seem to describe my experience. i don't think i'm naturally able to just consciously ignore everything.

in other news, i now have limitless excuses for not using capitalization and not inserting a space between the words "alot."
this post, featured on the blog "hyperbole and a half" has changed my life.


why is the grass blue?

when everything you could ever want to know is at your fingertips...

of what use are memorization, repetition?

in an age when the wealth of the planet's information is increasingly available to anyone with a digital signal,
the skillsets required for survival and success respectively might not have to do so much with lecture-style fact worship as crea
tivity and genuinely humble conversation.

"what would google do?"

...jeff jarvis' buzz machine has a rockin' feature on the future that near blew my mind when i watched it this week.
try watching this video this video for 2 minutes, and see if you aren't on the edge of your seat.


fish wrapping is a dying art

i hear in every one of my tues./thurs. classes that newspapers are on their way out. as a pre-journalism student at the university of oregon, i'm subjected to a constant barrage of observations, deplorations and loosely predictive speculations on the future of print media. class after class features explorations and topical analyzations of medium after medium as its subjected to convergence, conglomeration and hypercommercialization...

and i love it! i can't get enough of the nuances and unpredictabilities of this field, and i can't wait to find my niche; to ride the edge of some new form/technology, and to reach people with unique messages in ways that they've never been reached before.

i hear that newspapers are giving way to more exciting and less conventional media forms, so i decided after stepping out of media and society while on my way to media professions to pick up a copy of the daily emerald. inside i found some relevant information about campus parking, a filler column about a guy drinking vodka in class and a scathing review on nike, our school's unofficial parent corporation. did you know that u wisconsin just terminated their contract with nike?

my housemates were very amused by the sarcastic cracks that the editorial staff had taken at nike. there you have it! at least three people read the paper today...

all clandestine acts of pass-along readership aside, i'm excited to see where the media industries drive the process of mass communication.

oh! and check out this video from the guardian on a newly completed format for magazines:

Mag+ from Bonnier on Vimeo.


on not playing guitars

"...it turned out to be a book full of fat/overweight Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson lookalikes. I like the fact that in the world of my dreams there was a market for that."

you should read this brilliance over at we don't play guitars

on this day...

let's find God

whoever and wherever

"how far?" and "how much?"
^^^these are not the questions anymore

and not one of them tempered with the ignorance of laziness.
i want to know!


three beautiful things

the three beautiful things for today: ) (!)

joy! it's raining!
a torrential hurricane recently took eugene to the cleaners. up next: plentiful puddles and that clean air smell we crave without knowing it.

bass and banjo
indie love artist valeri lopez played a killer set at bombs away cafe last night. the juxtaposition of will's lively and accomplished basslines and val's strong voice and sick banjo skills made the concert entertaining and very worthwhile.

thank God for the freebies at smith family bookstore. these spinebroken autobiographies and expired-edition textbooks are providing images and 'landscapes' with which to paper my room. pure gold!