amend your boredom: read a blog post!

hang it all, authentic bob ross,
there is nothing so voluminous as that beard.
i made a mental recount, and this is the third time that i've done one of these. previous socially oriented checklists of thing to do when your bored were spastic and caffeine-fueled attempts to increase the popularity of my blog and/or myspace page.

- first up, you gotta check out colbert report's wednesday show. as always, stephen colbert put together a fantastic satirical commentary on the week's events.

- you might also if you dig canadian tunes, check out this band called city and colour (ooh, they even spell in canadian). they (he, dallas green) currently have several songs available for free download on their (his) purevolume, including a great song entitled "the girl."

- also, i find that inventing words and trying to sneak them into urban dictionary is a great past-time that involves no special skills, previous knowledge or compassionate mourning for the rapidly deteriorating state of the english language. i like to do this under the pseudonymn of "bob ross," figuring that the real bob ross is too busy with his beard to bother with expanding inner city vocabularies. (also, for some reason, no matter what page you're on in that website, there always seems to be a snorg tees girl cheering you on. eerie...)

- honestly, if you just can't seem to stop wondering what i maybe might could be should be doing today, then you should probably watch this.

ok, adios.

- joel

snorg tees girl is obviously kind of a big deal,
but can she snowcouch?