i love my ducks

the lecture reduced to an exhibition for blatantly unsupported statements affirming and championing this-or-that sociopolitical agenda and sharply ridiculous criticisms of contemporary political and religious figures.

"learning" presented as the science of the articulation and defense of whatsoever avant-garde pseudo-philosophical and nominally scientific doctrine one's academic superiors shall force-feed him or her.

a politically and ideologically homogenous student body that genuinely believes that the only thing to riot about is football.

a hyper-educated populous with no concept of authentic debate.

an ever-expanding generation of lifelong idealists with dystrophic intellects.

a vast army of endemically complacent soldiers of the future, ever-inclined to narrowing their ever-decaying and atrophied minds.

this is diversity at its most hypocritical, a framework for activism at its most frivolous, the pinnacle of narcissistic monoculturalism. the institution known as the public university presents a nuisance to its constituents, an eyesore to its critics and a challenge to its clients. can it be salvaged?


  1. Man, I don't think I've ever heard someone so deeply philosophize the strong admiration of a foot ball team.

    Can their atrophied minds be salvaged? At this point, after what I've seen at least, too large a portian of the common majority's minds have been devoted to screaming at a pig skin (err, rubber thing) to properly function in most other aspects of life. But never give up trying! Kudos, sir!

  2. long live long-winded cynicism! down with the sickness!