my conversation with the ant-eaters

photo by @ellasdad
i am so ever-presently tiring of fashionability...

perhaps one thing that i'm missing is some perspective on myself and my mini-culture (mmm... sounds like a great pita stand), my macro-culture, time-space, infinitive-tense spider-sense reality. yeah?

so, what is real... and what is creative?

are the thoughts that populate the greatest minds creative, or only those in the lesser minds that are articulated in a fashionable fashion?

can i fashion something mentally and happen to fasten my passion sentimentally to an unexpressed something inside me?

oh, probably.

either way: you, the reader, are probably wondering what i'm toking about now.

however, as the God of the universe probably didn't say,"go forth My son, and leave big slobbery suction rings on every dashboard you find!"

no He didn't, and probably might not likely say that! what of it?

time is imaginary, culture is arbitrary and this question of God's will is going to be a lot harder than i had previously thought.


  1. Bunk. Until now I WAS fairly certain God's will pertained to the suction of dashboards.... I can hear my hopes breaking!

  2. @jered: yeah, you might not be alone there. google it...

  3. For a second I knew exactly what you were talking about and then it was gone.

    So I don't have much to say, but I think it was good.

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  5. @joy: i never understood it... can you please enlightne me on the meaning of this post?

  6. @joy: thank you for concisely restating your thoughts. i actually never really understood it. you could maybe let me know what you go out of it?

  7. uhhh well....
    it was like....
    THERE! aha!

    and then....nope....
    its gone.