3 beautiful things (new sister, bitter pop culture, and fall out boy)

(1) keturah rose, born december 17th, is a very beautiful little sister.

(2) starbucks at christmastime. i actually think the bitter-choco-sweetened drinks taste better in the red cups. and they warm you. sister is a fan of st. arbucks too>

(3) alone with my thoughts. now that's a relatively rare occasion here at my parents' place. eleven children live here, and tonight a lot of relatives came for christmas dinner.
now its quiet. suddenly my sister decides she would like to read over my shoulder. shamelessly. oh well. i love her alot.
and i need to cue up some more fall out boy. the noise will continue, and i'll have no space for my own thinking. now that's a good method for avoiding depression. this is sideone, flip me over. i know i'm not your favorite record...


on break! three beautiful things

i just patched my favorite jeans with duct tape and the remnants of a not-so-lucky pair of jeans. they feel chill: )

we were a group of friends without classes. adrift on the icy streets of portland, we sang killers tunes and gave our coffee to a stranger. we hugged and skipped, talked and smiled. we looked longingly at the fire escapes, hoping for an opportunity to climb into the sky...
in our longing we realized ecstasy.
we long for snow,
for love,
for acceptance
and in this we found
ourselves very much alive.
the fulfillment is as follows: beacuse we long for snow, we imagine it, and all its beauty. that is snow. we are human because we long; and to share that is friendship. we long for acceptance together, and find it in our common longing - our friendships.

i'm so desperate to follow jesus. i am certain that i don't want to be just another perosn who's loved by god. i want to follow! i want to be a lover of god. god is a lover looking for a lover, so he fashioned me. god is a lover looking for a lover, so he formed my heart.


my japanese poem

smile for me
and my punch-drunk imagery
now i know what its like
to care for everyone and only love a few