beauty is...

hang it all, rogers. that sweater is a beaut!
beauty is a face that makes ships sail, or a meal that makes mouths water. it's pretty much anything that makes anyone yell: "hang it all, that's beautiful!"

...unless that person is rolling. or on the tele (we can't trust the broadcasts these days).

beauty is a pageant winner or a mountain range (or a pageant-winning mountain range). beauty is anything that drunk people encounter on the way back from the bars to their vehicles. beauty is mozart. and maybe lady gaga. [link for adventurous readers]

so beauty is a descriptor that we attribute to the deeply attractive aspects of reality; is this plus that. maybe, but i've been starting to think that my preconceived addition-based notions of reality don't describe it quite very well...

is beauty really the sum of the parts working together so... that... nothing... is lacking? that seems rather shallow; kinda sounds like something you could get through an s.a.t. question with, no problem. but what is beauty? and what isn't it?

help me out here guys.


  1. i don't know about beauty--i think it has something to do with the Unseen--but i do know that Rogers is not sporting a sweater-vest in that picture (those don't have sleeves). it's just a sweater. the jury is still out on whether it could be called a cardigan since the front closure is a zipper instead of buttons. but, hang it all, it is still beautiful, no matter the nomenclature: )

  2. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and when Christ is in you, you begin to behold those things which are truly beautiful-because you look with His eye(s).

  3. @mel: thanks. changes made.

    @anon: interesting.

  4. You sir, have inspired me to take to writing some poetry about what beauty is, so excuse me if I randomly comment on this post a couple months from now when I decide that my poem is finished!