that morning
i awakened friday morning to something cold.. freezingggg!
snow... in november?
the morning dew... indoors?
the ice-pick-chiseled soul of a woman-so-heartless? not likely
it was a can of rockstar.

the chiseled snowy dew of loveliness
neo and coddie, after dropping andrew off at school, had discovered their communally shared desire not to go to school. their solution? a no-school party!
plans were made. discussions took place. a 7-11 clerk was consulted, and supplied the ably...
a rockstar???!
a rockstar!!!: )
my pulse started.

the formative moments of frivolity
bags of chips staggered about on the floor, as a single box of oreos cast nondescript glances at me from the desk above. this was going to be a very good day. what should we do? whatever we wanted.

behold! a new paragraph
so we played video games, and facebooked, and reveled. andrew's mom gave us cobbler (she has a new oven that she keeps trying out). it was grand like marzipan. and later there was guitar playing and the general hanging out-ity. the moral of this story? don't just wake up... wake up and skip school.


the reasons "why?" should be the preeminent question

then i sat down with my keyboard,
print media on her knees
but who cares about the endscore?
its a fight we want to see

and i decided not to mind...

that somedays it takes a bassline to start my pulse
and sometimes i'm entrapped in all these plotlines
i hyphenate and oscillate with the speed of the feed
'cause i'm a walking, living, breathing everything