a preface to the mess that's left us godless

"let us face ourselves. we are hyperboreans," nietzsche hammered into his typewriter, reeling with the pitch and roll of revolutionary ferver and reeking from the whiskeyflask of irreverence precontemplate. to paraphrase:
'let's be honest. we're above all that.'
frederick nietzsche, philosopher (1844-1900)

this is all-too-likely the hint that the reader might begin to close his mouth on as he begins to sink his teeth into one of the great philosopher's works entitled the antichrist. there is a tendency for philosophers of any experience to think that they're above the rest of humanity...

but let's use caution; let's not overestimate our intellects. its true that we have historical perspective, we have innovation and we have more to build on. to borrow from isaac newton, we are aloft the shoulders of giants. now, let's not get carried away by them.

i'm not afraid to read a great man who might've been wrong, because i believe that the truth is not something that can be cornered by persuasive terms or accurate presentation (that is to say, it actually exists, no matter who may contradict it and in what manner). however, i also believe that presumptions, predilections and preconditions to be downright dangerous if absorbed without conscious acknowledgement. so right here at the beginning, i want to make to make my contradictory claim:

let us face ourselves. we are
we need a God.

(more nietzsche to come)

- joel

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