my aim

chatting with a christian leader today, i had thoughts about God that i haven't had in a while. i got a chance to redefine what it is i'm looking for whilst tossing the status quo out the window and off the balcony. simply put, what i want is living water.

i have all these needs, wants, thoughts and theological constructions (thoughts about God) pervading my consciousness many times during the day. i have life mechanics, too - work and school. its easy for me to forget what my real search is.

its high time today for me to take a hard look at the things that matter - the search for meaning, the pursuit of truth, the realization of real love and the best context for relationship.
i want in every way to grasp for understanding, to seek out wisdom, to treasure and build relationship, to make my home with the invisible God.

one interesting thing that i read today was paul's address to the athenians. maybe its just because i'm reading the socratic dialogues (greek philosophical dialogues ~460 years before paul's speech), but the language in it really seems to resonate with something deep in me. i want to know truth, and i want to experience the intangible.

and so, that's what i want to do - in my thoughts, in my actions, in my conversations and in this blog. please join in. i want to hear your thoughts, your contributions, your encouragements and your condemnations. let's get humble, honest and open to being wrong. whatever we do, let's keep this conversation going.
as ever,


p.s. "it is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings" - ancient jewish proverb