they are a-changin'

i found out today that i'll be moving to downtown a little later in the month. this is a dream come true for me. i have wanted for a long time to live right at the center of a city and take long walks day and night.

it would be a little cliche to say that i haven't updated this blog because i've been so busy. many, many blogs and websites have scattered and apologetic entries form months ago topping their pages - just hundreds of thousands, if not millions of abandoned slices of an infinite(!?) cyberspace.

the truth is that i haven't updated this blog because, lately, i have been a voracious velociraptor with literally hundreds of things on each day's to-do list. here's a little taste of what that's like:

...swim practice...
...suppress democracy...

...turning off alarm clock...
...spice bun...

...much too busy to blog.
well, at least now you know what i've been up to. man, i should have live-tweeted at least half of it. what about you? ant comparable adventures?

as ever,

joel (the dinosaur)


  1. Thanks for sharing Joel. By the way... you look quite vicious these days...
    From Philly with love,
    ~Rachel V

  2. @blessed one: it wasn't readily apparent for some reason.

    @rachel virginia: thanks. you're welcome. love you too!