dear corvallis

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dear corvallis,

do you feel like your vote doesn’t count? me too! the more i have studied history and examined current events, the more i have been convicted that something is wrong with the structure of politics in the states.

the way i look at it, the option to vote for the “lesser of two evils” doesn’t constitute much of a choice. the current state of affairs locks political contenders in to receiving financial support from large, non-local banks and corporations, which then have leverage over them once they are elected. we need candidates, both locally and nationally, who aren’t forced to raise extremely large sums of money just to make it into office.

this is why i want you to consider voting for corvallis citymeasure 02-81. the measure is an advisory to the city council – one that communicates an important truth both clearly and concisely. we, the citizens of corvallis, don’t agree with the u.s. supreme court’s finding that corporations should have the same rights as individual people; and we want to amend the us constitution to reflect this.

i realize that, just because the citizens of corvallis may vote in favor of this measure in a few weeks, a constitutional amendment won’t form overnight. many cities around the country have already taken similar steps toward ending “corporate personhood” and making individual votes count once again. now it’s corvallis’ turn. let’s move toward freeing up our representatives to focus on serving us, their constituents, and making them less accountable to the highest bidder.

long live democracy!

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