it has long been my intention to read stuff. i wanted to earn the prestige of being a casual reader... and i wanted to be smart too.

i longed to be a quasi-academic consumer of info, and began (almost) daily turning my attention to such renowned gems as google news and the new york times. lately, however, i've taken recourse to focus on my followship of the blogs of a couple of friends.

'why so backslidden?' you may ask.

i don't know. but reading local is surely good for your brain, and there's a lot fewer pesticides for sure! check out these wonderful willamette valley writers:

the substance of one step big shot is a scavenger hunt for visual art in eugene, oregon. osbs's jordan eddy is a student of the uo school of journalism and communication and now blogs for the on-campus jordan schnitzer museum of art. jordan certainly has an eye for enthralling images, and some pretty great suggestions for what they might mean to the reader.

natalie brooke photography centers around the photographic adventures of one natalie poindexter, formerly of eugene, or. documented in these pictures are not only geographically disparate novelties, but also culinary adventures and serendipitously captured journalistic shots. natalie has a sharp focus on human-centered portrayals; watching people react, while the world spins behind them.

i don't know anything about wished upon a sun, but it's lovely. the author is somewhere, from the looks of things, the author is somewhere in corvallis, or. come claim your blog! you have lovely poetry, and a funny little tendency to repost the silliest little bits of nostalgia.

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  1. Wow, thank you for the kind words! I'll have to go check out those other blogs, they look good...