running errands

smallish steps 
(tiny little miniscule footfalls toward living in a way that actually makes sense)

#4 running errands.

lately i've been feeling a little short on hours. this idea definitely helped.

when i exercise, it's commonly by running; and usually all that running is done in the neighborhoods around my house. i also tend to shop at the market on hilyard, which is pretty conveniently half a mile away. so i took my run at night, and picked up groceries on my way back.

it is a little weird walking around the grocery store a little sweaty and wearing workout clothes... but i like to think of it as a great potential conversation starter. a lot of people run in my neighborhood, but even if they didn't, it's not really that big of a deal.

this is a super convenient way to save time (one trip instead of two) and energy (no bus or cars involved). do you have a market near your house? try it out! : )

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