making waves

there's a calm in the lethargy
of minutes on the sofa i will miss
there's a nothing-will-be-calm-again
again, but i'm familiar with this
illusory imminence

and this too shall slide
into the never-ending and always beginning

do you ever read, honey
a poem about yourself and think 'goddamn!
that doesn't do me justice at all'
well i don't
by dating poets, i've been immortalized

by living in the past,
by speaking out of turn,
by loving dreamers,
i've not always been loved
(but at least i've been considered)

now is not the time to be sad
now is not the
time to be

now is the nicotine, now is the whiskey shots
now is the time to cash in on all of our 'no guarantees'
now is reason enough to make our nerve endings bleed,
to embrace breakers in an ocean full of entropy
and learn to love each other from across the thrashing sea

out of breath, in the
rear-view mirrorworld,

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