attn player haighters: where is the love?

ok, i'll admit it.

i've been in san francisco for three days, and don't regret one moment...
and, speaking of moments, let's have a shortlist:

1. impromptu frisbee with drug dealers. don't try this at home.

2. giant freaking cathedral with an interior art exhibit including works from salvador dali

3. early morning runs: golden gate park, sfu, the waterfront, etc.

4. not smoking weed in the haight... easier than it sounds.

side note: today neo and i played round three of "guess which po-dunk lane county town i'm calling from."

junction city. shhh...

( photo by erik bender - bender's news blog )


  1. all of your experiences are slightly overshadowed by the druggie-Frisbee combo; sounds like a winner to me.

  2. Ha! You're awesome, Joel.

    I remember you had been talking about going to Cali the last few times I had seen you; glad you could finally go!