neophytes: don't unite!

there are just three beautiful things about today, march 29 2010:

discovering new tunes on the ipod: currently rocking some "broken bells." whoever they are, they impress me greatly.

cooking with lyvan... oh dear. we definitely took a lot of unrelated foodstuffs from the community fridge and the counter and simmered for ~ ten min. bad idea. you shoulda seen us simultaneously react to the monster we had created. it ws gag-at-first bite.

the newest edition to my dysfunctional family of very used instruments, timothy john banjo made his way home from eugene jeans today in the gracemobile w/ me. tim says he's adjusting well, thanks. we even got a minor chord into our repertoire before press time (its 18:06 eugene standard).

and that is all that's sick and slimy about the world. until the undetermined date of further updating of this blog, goodnight, and good... ducks?

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