economics? i'd rather watch the sun set

i started thinking about it, and one of the main things i want out of life is that precious commodity we call "roof access."

i'm also out of food, which i find a convenient excuse to eat out more.

while studying, i noticed that johannes gutenburg is the man!!! his invention contributed to and significantly sped almost every modern advance. with everything in print, we can be reliably sure that those who are literate and clever will dominate our cultural scenes and out-takes, not the witch doctor, not the uber-man-hunter-dude (band name?!), and not the wise elders/storytellers...

i'm starting to have a feeling that brad pitt was right on fight club, when he made the assumption that destroying the structures holding people in debt would enable them to be a freer and less occupationally enslaved society. in reality, economic systems are constructed from information and methods of sharing information. we call these media. by wrecking the buildings and databases of the nation's creditors, pitt's character was dealing with several of those information systems.

if credit is no longer a factor, and if the economic playing field is leveled (or altogether obliterated), then the power over information becomes everyone's to squabble for. the societal "controls" are up for grabs, and, at least temporarily, many more people have the opportunity to shape our collective future for the better;or worse;

and i genuinely do want to eat out while reading rolling stone on the roof. trouble is, i live on the first floor...

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