what is normalcy?

as of late, i've been hashing out some things that have to do with life. i have stir-fry brains in a medium-hot pan, simmering...

there was a time when i would do most anything for a cigarette... and those things are deadly. what gives?

there was a song once that, when i listened to it, made me feel all dark and powerful. then i got into a pretty intense nde at sixty miles an hour while listening to it. i was a passenger.

the next day the driver got into a real car accident while listening to it. as far as i can tell, neither of these were this individual's fault.

i have, multiple times, been creeped out by the (improv) music i was playing.

right now there are multiple people in my yard up to their chests in mud, breathing hard and chatting away in spanish while they destroy the root system of the nearest tree.

i'll pose the question again: what is normalcy?


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