on politics

i have long been considering the merits of becoming an angry political blogger, someone who really gives it to the world - keyboard style. this post just might just be my entrance into the realm of kids that have virtually no frame of reference and absolute loads of passionate ramblings.
let me explain: once in along while i sit down in front of a television and postulate and cogitate about the political issues that are raging that day. i inevitably end up watching news and/or political and current events commentary and starting caring about some international crisis or the secret lives of politicians and sports stars. this lasts for about three days, and then i return to a a gripping and permeating apathy.
apathetically speaking, i do very well not to give a single care to the organised world outside my apartment. i can live without the worries and responsibilities that are imposed by relating to social groupings in an official capacity... and i have to wonder if i really gain anything from engaging in political endeavours. in my experience, more change is effected through slow-pace day-to-day relationships.

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