3 beautiful things (from 11-15-08) theatrics, pb&c, the future

i came to cottage grove to watch Pajama Game, the high school play that my friend bekah was in last night. it was hilarious, riotous, well-acted, amusing, cute, and just overall chill. the afterparty at the vintage was all of those things as well.
i’m still in good ‘ol cg. i discovered that they serve the best coffee in the universe down at the coffee barn – peanut butter cappuccino with real peanut butter mixed in. these things are more chill than a mint gum commercial.
the future is not worth waiting for any more than adventure is worth staying for. the future is worth taking some action.

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  1. 16 oz peanut butter chocolate frappacino, one shot with whipped cream! :) My vice.