three beautifl things - rumi, friendship, uncertainty

we are studying rumi in world lit class. it is absolutely stunning what art can do to the mind. i had god pegged as an intellectual, and then i started to read... in such a short time, i feel like rumi and i are friends, tag-teaming it through cultures who muddle the pure creeks of spiritualism with their intellectual "findings." my prayer while i seek god these days is: i know what i've known, will you teach me what's true?

neo and i have an intensely beautiful friendship. its pretty rockin'.

why am i holding the world down beneath a glass slide? i want to let it live, breathe, find me out. instead i'm making vain attempts at smothering it in the name of knowing things for certain. uncertainty is beautiful, like appreciating the universe instead of understanding...
i want to move on from all that, instead of walking home, i want to walk. instead of saying "freaking wind, its too cold," i want to say"oh wind, breath of god..."

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  1. the more you KNOW the less you BELIEVE. Sadly mark and i both struggle with this, we get all caught up in the facts and certainty that we have a hard time just simply believing. and yes, we do have a pretty freaking awesome friendship :)