squirrel's (corvallis, or)

squirrel's tavern on a monday night.
by joel. photos by amber (amber's blog).

if it's a week night and you didn't plan dinner, you may want to head on down to squirrel's tavern on 2nd street. their atmosphere is tasty, their decibel level is palatable and their burgers are deliciously spot-on. squirrel's does everything you wish those fast food blokes would do for just slightly more cost. here's a little taste of what that's like:

salad (surprising)
we got a $3 side salad, which we fully expected to consist of iceberg and tomato cubes. surprisingly, this little dish contained fresh dark green lettuce, sprouts, croutons, tomatoes and red onions - everything we would have asked for. dairy-free folks beware: the salad was also covered in multiple kinds of cheese.

squirrel's served us a tasty, juicy and flavorful burger (medium rare) for $6. this is the sort of thing that you dream about when you see a burger king ad, only to be disappointed each time you visit a franchise location. squirrel's can deliver, ladies and gentlemen.

we weren't in the drinking mood, but found that they had reasonable prices on pbr (a must for downtown) and no less than a dozen micros on tap. there's a draw-back here: there isn't a happy hour, which, at $4.25 a pint, makes this a one-drink location for beer snobs.

do you need a cheap, laid-back mcmenamins-style burger joint? are you interested in chatting while your drink your beer, instead of shouting over the music and the general roar? on any non-concert night, squirrel's is your joint. check it out soon.

bonus points:
+1 soy-free french fries.
+1 free wi-fi.

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