post-graduatin' (part 1)

what do you do after college? i started thinking about this exactly three days after graduation. kind of a weird time, really. all i wnated to do was be done, but then i graduated. and now this...

so i got a real job. i called a couple of times on the best lead i had (a friend's friend) and landed an extraordinarily well-paying position working a desk at various nuclear power facilities. this was the plan: move around from site to site staying in fancy condos for free and making bank doing paperwork 85 hours a week.

week one found amber and i commuting through portland suburb traffic. we were leaving her dad's house at 5:30 a.m only to weave and lurch our way through what the great mark bowser would call "traffic drama."

the training was supposed to take us four days, afterwhich we were to be immediately shipped out to the southeast for on-site experience training. we worked hard and took notes. as soon as we finished, we were offered the opportunity of a lifetime: a golden job in the middle of the seemingly inevitable recession that has ravaged a good number of the world's economies. it had one catch - it didn't start for a month.

so what do you do when your graduate from college? we were just finding out...

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