letter to the instigators

unlicensed protest in russia

dear readers,

what is the nature of our rebellion?

i tried but couldn't entertain coherent thoughts about the substance of our revolt. the only message that i hear, five little words:

who made us your slaves?

who engineered post-lockean consent? who closed the public space and opened up the prisons? who tapped the phones and locked the doors? 

who cranked up the tariffs and turned on the licensing fees? who defined corporations as people and money as free speech?

and who do they think they are?

this is only the middle of tyranny. we are running out of these woods, dancing in the intersections and singing revolution songs.

as ever,


"i think the word 'security' is one of the most dangerous words that can be used by governments... security is all right, but freedom is even more important." - stephane hessel
(full interview)

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