happy salmon!

photo: 619 sports
dear world:

what a day for strategically occupying a universe! and i have converged on the infinite, comprehending eternity and stuff. let's recap:

1. problem solved! shrodinger's cat is, was and shall ever be a zombie (both dead and alive).

2. by leading horses to water, i often tip a delicate balance on their free-will/ determinism continuum causing them to at least take a sip.

3. i bought an island where trees fall in the forest and no one knows hears them.

4. jesus christ is now more popular than ever. efforts were re-doubled to make 'ghandi' and 'mohamed' curse-words too, but culture remained largely arbitrary.

5. carp(eh) diem is some sort of springtime that the fish are celebrating in canada (see photo).
"sieze the day!" exclaimed
untold numbers of these literarily
inclined fish. (photo: sanbeiji)

in other news: noam chomsky is coming to uo.

photo: andrew rusk
last week, i stumbled on a video interview of linguistic theorist noam chomsky on @google. i was very impressed by some of his critiques of the u.s. imperial mindset and explanations of linguistic theory. i thought he raised some significant questions about the nature of american foreign policy and the popular conceptions that steer its course.

though he has a history of theorizing some very radical and avant garde material, when speaking mr. chomsky comes across rather calm for an 82-year-old political activist, anarchy theorist and m.i.t. professor. his speaking style is even-keel and his material is fascinating.

tomorrow (wed. april 20th) at 7:00 pm
university of oregon, columbia 150 (
campus map)
admission: free

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