dude, where's my car?

in uncertain times, there is often that question or those questions that conciousness of alert people throughout the span of crisis. one or more questions surface and resurface, offering the opportunity for clarity by means of their resolution. i am writing today because one of those questions, those subconsciously strategic musings that is burning a hole in my conciousness -

am i parked in the lbcc albany campus parking lot?

i realize that the reader probably has similar (if not identical!) musings of their own. it is common to question here and now, and uncommon to have clarity about something which you are not so-far removed from.

however, in wrestling with this issue, i have devised a series of sub-questions, each of which, properly pondered might lead the reader closer to knowing the truth (if there is such a thing) about the location of their vehicle(s).

first of all, search your soul... do you remember circling an insanely packed spread of pavement for an unreasonable quantities of time, in search of parking?

did you brave construction zones, inattentive drivers, and/or incompetent and overimportant security officers?

...by the way, did you receive, for the fifth time this week, a notice on your windshield reminding you to register your vehicle and warning you of nefarious and undefined repercussions, should you park without registration one more freaking time?

in the process of parking, did you get passed by, and/or cut off by at least two self-important hicks in monster trucks, going way the hell too fast?

if the answer to all of these questions is "yes," it may be safe to assume that you are indeed parked in the lbcc albany campus parking lot.

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  1. Joel. Very Funny! Did I see that you used UPPERCASE in the lowercase blog???? I AM SCANDALIZED!! bUT OTHER THAN THAT, YOU ARE DOING ALL RIGHT WITH YOUR ADJECTIVES! Maybe iof you keep eating and sleeping, this will not be such a crisis,