3 beautiful things (new sister, bitter pop culture, and fall out boy)

(1) keturah rose, born december 17th, is a very beautiful little sister.

(2) starbucks at christmastime. i actually think the bitter-choco-sweetened drinks taste better in the red cups. and they warm you. sister is a fan of st. arbucks too>

(3) alone with my thoughts. now that's a relatively rare occasion here at my parents' place. eleven children live here, and tonight a lot of relatives came for christmas dinner.
now its quiet. suddenly my sister decides she would like to read over my shoulder. shamelessly. oh well. i love her alot.
and i need to cue up some more fall out boy. the noise will continue, and i'll have no space for my own thinking. now that's a good method for avoiding depression. this is sideone, flip me over. i know i'm not your favorite record...

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