three beautiful things - paper, bacon, and accomplished street musicians

i stole this idea. "three beautiful things" is an exercise that my lit instructor (raymond pert) completes with regularity on his blog. however, i opined that it would be a good place to start.

first, a blank sheet of paper (in my this case, a text box). potential sees no bounds but the edge of the page.

bacon. my musical roommates and i were all cooking up the bacon that somebody left in the community fridge. the smell of three sizzling pans of fat pig meat, and the look on laurel's face when andrew dropped some on the floor, picked it up and threw it at brian. from there we discussed whether or not it was possible and/or gainful for tad to start laying giant eggs.

third: music. i found a low-key kind of an organic market, where i bought jam for pb&j. outside was a clean-cut and well-dressed guy with a guitar and harmonica. he said i looked just like his friend back in kentucky. i told him i was sorry, didn't have any change. he played anyway: how does it feel! to be on your own! like a rolling stone...

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